Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I'm ready for the final essay. I agree with the story and I thought it was cute. The author had some humor in his writing. I like that. I think that its cool that the school has everyone write essays so that they can compare their writing with others. Plus, we get a grade for it!
I think this essay will be easy like you said its a step back from what we have been doing. Thats ok because its our last essay and we could use a break. :)
I don't want to say too much about my essay because it will ruin it. But I do agree that kids now a days are more protected than they used to be. I remember sliding down slides at a well know park that were steal and rusty. You could get cut very easily on those things. Now kids slide down child proof slides that are made out of recycled plastic!
When writing essay number two I didn't have a hard time at all. As a matter of fact it was pretty easy. I felt good about this essy and it showed. I got a much higher grade then the last one. I'm so proud of myself. I'm ready for essay number three. Like you said in class its good to be improving.
I think what made this essay easy for me to write was that I understood the reading. When I wrote the first essay I had a hard time understanding what the heck I was reading. I know everyone had trouble with that. So I'm not alone. I felt confident about everything and I'm proud to say I've improved. :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I watch television at least once everyday. I have my favorite programs that I watch weekly. For example, I watch ER every Thursday and CSI every Friday. I've been watching ER for years now. I know the characters on that show as if they were my friends. CSI is still a new show to me so I don't even know all of the characters names. I do know the main characters names.
I wouldn't say I know more about tv families than I do my real family. I don't watch television to the point where I'm a couch potato. TV becomes boring to me after a while. I have to get up and do something.
I think television can be educational. There are channels like the history channel that educate people. Television is mostly used for entertainment.
I don't know what the world would do if it lost television. It would be a dissaster!
I liked the essay titled Risk. I thought it was interesting to learn a little about what makes crazy people crazy. When I read the essay I thought about the movie Vertical Limit. All of the mountain climbers were very big risk takers. A lot of them were actually crazy, like the man who lived on the mountain. He was a little strange.
People take risks everyday. My brother John is a very big risk taker. He drives too fast for one thing. If we didn't take risks, we would all live in our beds and never leave them.

Friday, September 27, 2002

The first essay that I did was real hard. I had a tuff time understanding the reading. I had my own mother try to explain the thing to me. Unfortunatly I got a bad grade on my essay. I guess she didn't explain it very well. Oh well, I'll try better next time.